To me social media is all about engagement & involvement. People will give their opinion about your brand whether you ask for it or not. I believe you should not only ask, you also need to put your customers in your Management Team!

Unfortunately there are still a lot of brands that think of social media channels as another platform to put there promotions on and to shout about themselves. Therefor we need great social media cases that show how to involve fans in your company. Holiday park
Center Parcs Europe sets a great example!

Via their Facebook Page they asked Fans from Belgium, France, Holland & Germany to apply as candidates for creating the European Center Parcs Brochure of 2013. More than 600 families responded. Afterwards Center Parcs selected a number of families to participate a day long in different Parcs to work a whole day on the brochure.

Fans creating Center Parcs Brochure
Fans creating Center Parcs Brochure

Nice to know is that for the 1st time the Center Parcs brochure has a different cover per country. There fans gave them the insight that there are different preferences per country and that this should be taken into account.

You can bet that those fans that created the brochure will love Center Parcs even more than before, and will be outstanding brand ambassadors creating a lot of buzz about Center Parcs amongst their family and friends. But not only that, the credibility of the brochure towards the people that receive it will also be higher. Cause in the end, who would you believe: a company or it’s customers?