Royal Dutch Airlines KLM appears in many social media case presentations, and it’s no wonder cause they are really practicing Social Business with a clear social media strategy.

A while ago they launched a new social media campaign called “KLM Must See Map“. In this campaign KLM takes the role of a facilitator, meaning they created a tool that will make the (travelling) life of their clients easier.

Concept: Collect your friends tips for your upcoming trip with a free Must See MapParticipants receive a printed city map filled with tips from their friends for no cost at all. There’s only a treshold for spontaneous travellers cause it takes 3 weeks to get it. But if you are like me a ‘planner’, you won’t mind that little waiting time:-) Of course it’s a KLM branded tool so KLM will stay top of mind for the people who use it, but there’s nothing wrong with that.


Personally I really like the campaign for several reasons amongst which the mix of online and offline, and the credibility since tips people are collecting are coming from friends. However is it a succesful campaign for KLM?

Bold as I am, I asked KLM for stats via Twitter:
KLM Must See Map - request for stats via Twitter

I received a strange answer given the fact you can see the number of “available maps” on their website: today 6913 maps. I must admit I was a bit disappointed given their social reputation, but not totally surprised. There wouldn’t be many brands sharing their details just like that (except if it’s necessary to receive an award :D). Anyway…my husband is a private detective, and I also like to dig so I did my own research of the Must See Map site traffic via, an online analytics tool:


KLM MUST SEE MAP woorank social media

I also checked the mentions on Twitter, number of blog posts about it, and so on and so on. Overall I would call it a ‘good’ campaign, but they already had campaigns that brougt them more buzz. One that sticks to my mind – since I currently work in hospitality industry, and saw it millions of times popping up the last years – is “KLM Surprises” : as passengers arrived at security checkpoints & gates, flight attendants were there to greet them by name and give them a ‘personalized’ gift based on info KLM found on the social media channels of their passengers.  However…in that case there was only interaction with the selective number of passengers, and I think that with Must See Map they will make more people happy, which is also important and might have been (part of) their goal.

@KLM please keep up the good work, and give us lot more cases to learn from!