When I was driving home from work today I was thinking that I could use a drink.
However when I finally arrived it was out of my mind, and I started doing some research on Social Bakers, a provider of social media statistics. Out of curiosity I regularly check what the fastest growing Facebook pages are in Belgium. My mind must be playing tricks on me cause I landed on the category “Alcohol”:

Social Bakers - Facebook Pages "Alcohol" in Belgium

Fastest Growing & Decreasing Facebook Pages related to “alcohol” – Source: Social Bakers

Well known brand “Johnnie Walker” is getting a warning here…They are loosing fans on their Belgian Facebook Page, so they might need to revise their content strategy. I had a quick look at their posts. They post regularly and their content is posted in different type of formats (video, photos, texts). They are definitely looking to interact with their fans. However what bothered me immediately is the percentage they talk about themselves (I think I saw more than 100 photos of bottles). In my opinion only 20% of the talking should be about yourself. For the rest you should provide your fans with relevant & engaging content they care about  (if you have no clue, ask them). 

I know they didn’t ask for my tips but I’m going to give them anyway 🙂

  1. Put your fans in the picture instead of your product
    On an event like Keep Walking Night take a risk, and hand over your Facebook page to 1 or more fans. The pictures will be more authentic, your fans will have a blast and I’m sure they’ll bring you new fans. Take online offline: ask questions to get insights which you can share on your page at a later stage.
  2. Respond to posts on your page
    If a fan is saying he loves your Red Label and asks you to send him a bottle of Double Black to convince him to switch, and you don’t answer he will love you less. I’m not saying you should throw with freebies all the time, but on every question you can find a good response to give your fans the feeling that they can communicate with your brand.
  3. Put some fun in it
    It might be very easy like a funny “drinking” quote of the week. Start writing a story and ask your fans to complete the story and turn the result in a comic.
  4. Humanize
    There is a team behind Johnnie Walker Belgium, showcase it! What are their favourite labels? Do they create cocktails at home? Let your enthusiasm for your brand inspire your fans.

I’ll check Johnnie Walker Belgium’s status on Social Bakers again in some weeks, and will keep you posted;-)