Fashion Brands have to keep up with the latest trends regarding clothing, accessories, and so on, … and they even have to ‘set’ the trends. The runway isn’t the only place where they are doing that. I think that a lot of Fashion Brands are using social media in a good way, and can be seen as a source of inspiration for other Brands. Even though according to Macala Wright, (ex-curator of Inside FMM)  the fashion industry was fashionably late to join the social media party…

Here is my top 3 of Fashion Brands that I like Social Media wise. It has really nothing to do with the clothing, anyone who knows me will confirm that 😉

1) Lacoste

I can keep it very short, for me the Lacoste Facebook Page is all about FUN. They really allow their fans to have fun with the brand and by doing that they become more likeable. A good example is their Lacoste Retro Games campaign allowing you to play 4 classic games. You’ll probably recognize this one, no?

Lacoste Retro Games

2) Burberry

We must be honest: coming up with attractive content to post on Facebook is much easier for a Fashion Brand than it is for let’s say a financial institute. However Burberry doesn’t stick to the typical fashion posts, but also surprises their fans like with this handwritten note from Fashion Designer Christopher Bailey:

Handwritten note to Burberry Facebook Fans by Christopher Bailey

I sure hope his designing skills are better than his writing …

3) Louis Vuitton

Facebook loosened the “Cover Photo” rules for Brands, so it’s now possible to implement URLs or call to actions in your cover (but be  careful: text may only take 20% of the space in the image). Louis Vuitton is making use of that, showing that they follow the changes and possibilities of Facebook:

Cover Photo of Louis Vuitton on Facebook

That said I prefer their previous cover…just a great picture:

Louis Vuitton Cover Photo

But what else are they doing right?

  • Telling their brand’s history and future via milestones (for example creation of the Papillon bag, opening of a new store, announcements of collaborations, ….)
  • They have the “Message” option turned on > meaning they are open for interaction with their fans, and have become a reachable brand
  • Very attractive and appealing vibrant content: behind the scene movies & pictures, fashion show updates, inspiration, actresses spot in LV, Discover a city through the eyes of a Creative at LV, ….

Though I really love the Facebook Approach of the 3 Fashion Brands I discussed, there is of course always room for improvement. People love to worship, and want to see pictures of famous people and models so they get inspired and can copy the look. However I would like to see pictures of their fans wearing their brand. That’s also easy content to get their hands on, and I’m convinced that engagement will even be higher!

Please don’t hesitate to let me know which brands you think rock social media wise. I’m always craving for more inspiration 😉