A lot of companies discovered already that joining Twitter can be equal to starting an additional customer care service. However companies could also be creative, and use it to surprise clients or prospects.

In 2011 I experienced a great Twitter case myself: in the morning my hairdryer caught fire while I was drying my big pile of hair. Luckily the damage to my hair was limited, but I had to leave to work with a wet head… Of course I tweeted about it. Big was my surprise when I received a Tweet from Belgian telecom company Telenet. I’ve attached the tweets below but since they are in Dutch, here’s a translation:

Hi @Kel_83, there are movies that start worse than your morning: we treat you with a free movie from our movie librabry #pamperweeks

@Kel_83 follow our account so we can DM you your personal voucher code for a free movie

Telenet Twitter Case

Telenet Twitter Case

You can image how happy I was, it really made my day! Now how does this tactic by Telenet worked? I imagine they’ve set-up a list of Dutch words related to issues/problems, and bad things that can happen like in my case the keyword was probably fire. Next they probably searched for those words on Twitter ending up with Tweets like mine, and being able to make people happy. Cool, no? 🙂