AK culture, a Belgian online fashion store & magazine abducted Belgian Soccer Player Dennis Praet. Their demands for his liberation were very simple: 4000 Facebook likes or he would miss an important game:


I doubt that these 4000 likes will get them 4000 loyal customers. However it’s clear that this stunt brought them a lot of PR! It popped up in the main Belgian newspapers, blogs, forums and the video scored more than 45.000 views on YouTube. AK Culture is a recent start-up, and they have a lot of ambition. As of tomorrow they will launch the AK Dollarshop: for every like, share or blog comment you can earn AK dollars leading to discounts and exclusive advantages. It’s clear that they are pulling the social media card.

Dollarshop AK Culture

I was a bit disappointed though when I checked out the 2 other social media channels they have an account on. Their Facebook Page contains a tab linking to Twitter…but they forgot to link it to their account. On their website they correctly link to their Twitter account but there’s not much going on. Only 1 tweet in February to say that they are also on Twitter…
Pretty much the same story on their Pinterest: only 2 pins.

In this case example there is an important lesson for brands that are thinking about using social media: don’t just create accounts on several social media channels at the same time. Prepare yourself and set-up a clear (content) strategy per channel. If you want to be on different channels make sure you have enough time to be active on all those channels. And of course only be active on channels where you think your target audience is as well. In my opinion it’s better to rock on 1 channel then to be present everywhere without anything happening!