Recently a Community Manager presented a case for which he was involved that proves that Brands can really create a “Community” on their Facebook Page, and get great and massive interaction next to a high number of likes. And we have to be honest: likes are great but interaction is what we really want! The Brand he was talking about is a Dutch/Belgian Magazine focussing on cakes & cupcakes called Taarten Decoreren meaning “Decorating Cakes” with more than 17.000 Fans on their Belgian Facebook Page.

It’s really great to see how many people post on the Facebook Page, and want to share their own creations and tips. But the number of shares of their posts, likes & comments are also quite impressive.

Facebook Post by Brand Decorating Cakes

The only thing I’m wondering about is that it might be the “product” that makes it easy to create a community. For the moment baking is hot (and cool). On TV we see shows dedicated to baking desserts, creating cupcakes, decorating cakes, … Next to that their target audience mainly consists of women. We all know women like to chat,  share experiences, and are constantly looking for answers. I’m now thinking of all the forums I’ve joined in the past (like for example a Pug Forum, a Diet Forum, and some forums I don’t even dare to mention…). Nowadays forums are old fashioned, and too limited, but the fact that there exist(ed) so many proves that there is need for people to share experiences about one subject in one place.  So the Cake Decorating Magazine made an excellent channel choice for their Community with Facebook. And yes, I really do think it is easier for them to create a community than for lets say a Mobile Phone Company, but still… without great content you can also forget about great interaction so  kudos for that!

I praise, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t look for things I would do different 🙂
Here are my tips for Taarten Decoreren, to take their community to level 2:

Great, you are already on Pinterest! Excellent additional channel choice with lots of women and lots of baking related stuff going on there. However, you only have 77 followers for the moment so maybe increase cross channel promotion efforts, and try to convert as much of your +17.000 Facebook Fans in to Pinterest Followers. Of course, question is also  how many of them are already on Pinterest. Some might even need a push to start using Pinterest:-) It’s of course a pity that you can’t pin pictures from Facebook but you have great pictures on your website, pin them. Btw don’t only ‘upload’ pictures. Pinterest is a great tool for sending traffic to the source of the image, so even better if the image is coming from your site. Next to that, create engagement on Pinterest as well. You can for example ask on Facebook who of your Fans is on Pinterest, and weekly select a Facebook Fan to be your VIP Pinner for a week since you can invite people to pin on your boards. Oh and don’t forget to put your Pinterest Tab visible now and then. People only see the first row of tabs, and almost never click to see what other tabs you might have on the ‘hidden’ rows. 

I’m going to stop here, cause I’m suddenly craving for a cupcake;-)