Eindhoven Airport, the second biggest airport in The Netherlands was the 1st airport in the world to set-up a VIP program for their Facebook Fans. Of course there are already airports that implemented social media reward systems but mostly based on location based services like Foursquare, or systems that indicate the social media influence of someone like Klout.

On the Facebook Page of Eindhoven Airport you’ll find a tab called “VIP”. When you are about to fly from Eindhoven Airport you can sign up via this VIP tab by indicating your travel time. Before you get to see the form to sign up you need to like their Facebook Page. I must admit that I’m not a big fan of ‘forcing’ to become a fan to be able to participate, but  I understand why brands do it. Anyway…every month 2 lucky fans are selected from the pool of participants to get a VIP treatment with the following advantages:

  • Free parking in front of the terminal
  • Personal Accompaniment
  • Free breakfast, lunch or diner offered by Belvedair
  • Fast Track Security Screening

Eindhoven Airport stepped away from the traditional approach of offering a reduction, but instead is offering an experience, a crucial element in the customer journey. Their number of Facebook Fans is growing rapidly, and this by only using their own media. So kuddos for them! However it would be awesome if they also think of ways how they can please more than 2 fans per month, but I’m sure they are on it 😉

Facebook VIP Parking at Eindhoven Airport