Most of the time I write about remarkable social media cases I stumbled upon. Today however I will talk about a social media example coming out of my own suitcase. I used to work as a Digital Account & Project Manager at communication agency Boondoggle, meaning that I managed online campaigns for brands from A-Z or from concept to deployment. I was spoiled with amazing clients, and several times I had the opportunity to shine on a stage together with my colleagues to pick up some awards (followed by decadent after parties) . That’s probably the reason why so many people ask me why I switched to another job:-). Main reason was that I discovered that there was one part in ‘online’ that I was extremely passionate about…you guessed it already: social media.

The past 2 years I’ve been in charge of the social media management of The Hotel. Brussels and I absolutely love it for the simple reason that it gives me instant gratification: I make people happy, and that’s the best feeling in the whole world! I’m not giving away our social media strategy since Hoteliers might be reading this post as well :p, but what I can tell is that it is very important to let people know that you are not only active on social media, but that you are really listening, and want them to get in touch and share their thoughts about your brand.

One social media example that made me smile like an idiot and reminded me that I have an awesome job started with a little online conversation with a guest who wanted to prepare his stay at The Hotel. I responded immediately, and listened very carefully which allowed me to foresee a personalized surprise for him and his partner upon arrival. They enjoyed their stay so much and really became (Facebook) fans of The Hotel. For all their future reservations I was in direct contact with them and for example provided them with tips about what to do in Brussels during the weekend they were visiting the city. Most brands only talk about themselves, and sell their business, but it’s when you are not selling and when you are facilitating the life of your fans that you are really creating a relationship and turning fans into Brand Ambassadors. If you take a good look at our Facebook Page you’ll quickly discover who these

During their most recent stay to celebrate a birthday they wanted to meet me in person. Unfortunately I was away that weekend, and not in the possibility to drop by The Hotel so I came up with the following solution:

Social Media Online and Offline

The picture of myself and my colleague Saad holding up a Happy Birthday message was put in their room (together with a bottle to celebrate the birthyday) so they at least got to see with who they had been talking all the time. When I arrived back in the office there was also a big surprise waiting for me:

Social Media Manager surprised by Fan


Social Media Manager surprised by Fans

A social media manager who normally foresees surprises for guests was now surprised herself 🙂
These 2 pictures are hanging on the wall in my office, and together with all the other nice messages I receive from fans they remind me every day why I love being a Social Media Manager…