I regularly order stuff via Coolblue, and without a doubt this is one of the best web shops in Europe …and no… unfortunately I’m not receiving Coolblue vouchers to write this :D! Their service is amazing: order something and you get it the next day (or even the same day if you pay a supplement), have a question: pose it on Twitter and they guarantee you an answer within 30 minutes.

Out of curiosity I checked their Facebook Page, and was pleasantly surprised there as well (though I recommend them optimizing their Facebook Cover so there is no content hidden behind the profile image, and to make it look good on mobile too).
What I liked a lot was there “Photo Challenge”. Not that the concept is original, but I think it’s really well executed and a nice example how to tie a contest to your brand, and really make your fans ‘work’ with your brand.

Coolblue Photo Challenge

The idea is straightforward: yearly Coolblue sends out approximately 700.000 blue boxes with orders to their clients. Instead of just throwing the boxes away Coolblue stimulates their fans to do something creative with the box they received, and every month a winner is selected and rewarded with a gift like of course a Coolblue Voucher. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

Coolblue Photo Challenge nominees June 2013

I’m not going to elaborate: it’s simple, but effective with impressive user generated content! Btw for the Dutch speaking readers > if you are looking for a great example of Terms & Conditions of a Facebook Contest, look no further;-)