American politician Anthony Weiner became famous due to a sexting scandal in June 2011. Weiner is now running for mayor of New York City… and oops he did it again: recently he confirmed that he was behind a series of newly released explicit messages sent to a woman by using an alias “Carlos Danger“. Luckily for him his wife forgives him once again, and defends him  to the press by saying that it’s something between her and her husband, and that it doesn’t affect him running for mayor.

We will have to wait and see if Weiner becomes mayor of NYC, but meanwhile he is already a source of inspiration: it appears that car brand MINI created the mysterious Twitter account “Carlos D. Motor” with the description “Danger is my middle name”:

Twitter Account inspired by Weiner

The account is now one day live with only 1 tweet, and currently has less than 100 followers. Let’s wait and see if the story continues 🙂