Do not underestimate Belgian Agencies: TBWA Belgium, one of my former employers, came up with a vending machine where you don’t throw in coins to receive a can, no you just pay by liking the Pepsi Facebook Page via your phone or directly on the machine. Way more original than promogirls handing out free samples (though I’m sure there are plenty of people that prefer the girls over the machine:D), and definitely more 21st Century than old fashioned coupons. The Pepsi machine was first used during a Beyoncé concert in Belgium:

Though I find innovations like this pretty cool, I’m also a bit sceptic: what is the value of fans gained through actions like this. Will they stay fans? I also work in hospitality industry, and I learned there that it’s not via freebies that you get loyal customers, instead you end up with people looking for free stuff. Getting real fans in my opinion requires a more personalized and human approach, unless you are a love brand which of course could be the case for Pepsi. Curious to hear what you think 😉

Social Media Inspired Pepsi Vending Machine