“Content is King”

I’m sure you heard it a million times (with some variations like “but a King needs an army and that’s engagement”, and so on and so on :D).

Social Media Managers should know by now that their content needs to be diverse, and that promo talks about the brand should definitely be limited. A good rule to keep in mind when setting up your content plan is the 60/20/20 rule: 60% of your content should be proactive engagement with your audience, 20% should be spreading relevant content that your audience will care about, and the last 20% should be talking about your brand.

But don’t take this content marketing rule too literally and think outside the box! There are brands that show that in all those 3 areas you can integrate your brand by, for example, foreseeing branding in the images you post, and adding subtle or humoristic winks to your brand in content that’s about something else. Pictures say more than words, so here are some great examples:

1. Oreo: social “brand” marketing at its best!

Oreo social media content

2. KLM: on brand social media devotion

KLM: social media devoted

3. Energy Drink Nalu: consistent in content topics & branding

Nalu Energy Drink social media posts

 If you have great examples of other brands that are delivering amazing branded social media content, please share. 😉