When I explain to people what I do for a living I sometimes hear them think Oh she puts some posts on Facebook; is that really a job?” Though it’s of course not all I do: Yes it’s a job, and it’s not as easy as it looks! You need to come up with original, relevant and engaging content that appeals to your target audience. Normally I would show you 3 great examples, but I’m in a bad mood today, and sometimes it’s easier to learn how NOT to do something;-) Here we go:

1. Procter & Gamble

Facebook Post by Procter & Gamble

How boring can you post about a new product line launch? First of all P&G should have used the picture that you see when you click on the link in the post:

Sleep Serenity by Febreze

Much nicer, no? Next to that, like many brands, they are very enthusiastic about the fact that you can now also use hashtags on Facebook. There are already enough articles about fact that Facebook hashtags aren’t a success (yet), but if you really insist on using it, at least make sure it’s appropriate. #ThrowbackThursday…come on P&G, really?!

2. Hilton Brussels City Hotel

Facebook post by Hilton Brussels City Hotel

Since I’m working in the travel industry, a lot of the examples I talk about on my blog are travel related. If you compare with airlines you will notice that hotels are always a bit behind. Still posts like this make me weep:-( Please verify your spelling before you post…hottest festival would have made more sense. Besides that: when should I go where??? Maybe you could help me with a link to the website or facebook page of the festival… Oh and a picture to get in the mood would help too! I strongly believe in city-marketing for hotels, and providing inspiration but let’s make it really tempting…

3. Knorr Noodles

Facebook Posts by Knorr Noodles

Hello, I’m 30 years old not 13! If all Knorr Noodles fans are kids I’ll apologize, promised (though I doubt that since they mention in their About section on Facebook that it’s Unilever’s biggest global brand). If you want adults to be and stay a fan, please use Facebook Targeting to make sure that only school kids see these kind of posts. Here’s how to target and show your posts only to a certain audience:

How to target posts on Facebook


Don’t hesitate to leave a reply if you also saw some bad posts recently…or if you’re also in a bad mood;-)