To be honest, it wasn’t that easy this month to find 10 Facebook covers that I really liked. I was disappointed to discover that even big popular brands often fail in creating a nice cover picture for their brand (and then I’m not mentioning their profile pictures yet). So it would have been easier to select 10 bad ones, but I kept on searching so here are the covers that deserve kuddos!

1. Alpro

Alpro Facebook Cover

I was teased when I saw this one which is exactly the point of their cover. Only thing they could have done better => a url in a Facebook Cover isn’t clickable. However what you can do: once you uploaded your cover picture, click on it and “add a description” in which you include a URL. That way when people click on the Cover Photo they can immediately click through to the page you were mentioning via the link you provided them.
* In the meantime the Community Manager of Alpro Belgium read my post and added, the url 😉

2. Animal Planet

Animal Planet Facebook Cover

My friends know that this is one of my favourite channels. Great animal pictures do the trick for me, and in this case it’s relevant:-) Only tip I would give them is to optimize their profile picture so all text is readable. I would even drop the baseline because in a news feed where you see the profile picture in thumbnail-form it won’t be readable anyway.

3. Boondoggle Leuven

Boondoggle Facebook Cover

I still have a huge soft spot for my former employer communication agency Boondoggle. Currently they are located in an old brewery that still contains original elements. Instead of just using the picture, they branded it very subtle, brilliant!

4. Hermès

Hermès Facebook Cover

Hermès Facebook Cover

I think it’s important that profile picture and cover image blend in nicely, and I just love it how Hermès makes it match.

5. Cornetto

Cornetto Facebook Cover

For me a movie equals crisp (and preferably nachos with warm cheese sauce:D), but after seeing this I suddenly crave for an icecream 🙂 Smart linking of events to their product, maybe a lot going on in the cover but nicely designed!

6. Starbucks

Starbucks Facebook Cover

More brands should put their fans/clients in the picture like this while enjoying what you offer!

7. Dior

Dior Facebook Cover

Classy as always, though I’m not into fashion myself they are always providing me with great inspiration!

8. Heineken

Heineken Facebook Cover

Heineken is dropping people as a social experiment, you can read about it here: I think it’s a nice cover, but I would now switch to one showing off the experiment.

9. Nespresso

Nespresso Facebook Cover

I don’t drink coffee, and even I would be tempted to get some now 🙂

10. The Simpsons

The Simpsons Facebook Cover

I really had to dig for a facebook page with a cover and integrated profile picture, and ended up with The Simpsons 🙂