1. ‘Like versus Share’-battle

Facebook removed the poll option “Ask Question” from Pages (for Groups & Events it still exists). Personally I really liked it since it was an easy way to obtain insights & interaction. Okay, there are of course ways to still implement a poll on your page, but they will always require an additional click to another page.

If you only offer 2 options to choose from a nice mechanism is to ask your fans to LIKE option A, and SHARE option B. Also good to know: most Facebook Pages ask their fans for a Like though Shares have a bigger impact than Likes in Facebook’s algorithm called ‘Edgerank‘.

2. Facebook Search

I’m on the waiting list for Facebook Graph Search which according to Facebook will help me find more of the people, places and things I’m looking for and discover new connections based on what others have shared with me on Facebook.

In the meantime I regularly use the current Facebook Search functionality. After typing something in the search bar, I don’t click on Enter, but I click on the magnifying glass icon shown on the right side of the search bar. On the left side of the page Facebook indicates “search filters”, there I select “Public posts” to get to see all the public posts that mention the word I entered:

Facebook Search example

3. Keep an eye on the length of your posts

This might seem common sense, but there are a lot of Pages with very lengthy posts so I’ll say it anyway: try to limit your posts to a maximum of 2 lines, short & to the point. People mostly check their Newsfeed on Facebook, and tend to skip longer posts.

4. Connect with other Pages

Are you referring to a Brand or Artist in a post make sure to link to their Facebook Page. It’s very easy: you just type an @ before their (Page) Name, and it will become blue and clickable:

Refer to other Facebook Pages

Advantages: the Page you mention will see you referred to them in your post, and might Share it, or Like your Page and/or post. For your fans you are making it very easy to click through to the Facebook Page of the Brand or Artist that you are mentioning in your post.

5. Make use of what Facebook has to offer

Twitter doesn’t offer analytics yet, but Facebook does, so make sure to use it because it can help you. A lot of Pages only post during office hours. However when you post when your fans are online you will get more engagement. New Facebook Insights clearly shows jper day when your fans are online through a Whale-like visual. Click on Insights => Posts => When your Fans are Online:

when your fans are online

You are only supposed to work during office hours? No problem, use the Facebook Scheduling functionality, and schedule a post to appear later on your page. If you are scheduling events etcetera, make sure not to forget to delete your scheduled post if the event gets cancelled, it can happen 😀 When you click on “Edit Page”, and afterwards on Activity Log you will get an overview of all your Scheduled posts, and you’ll still be able to delete, or adapt them and for example change the time of posting. Very convenient!

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