After 10 inspirational Christmas Facebook Covers it’s now time for 10 New Year related Facebook Posts that go a bit further than the typical fireworks image. I say ‘posts’ since most brands selected a regular post instead of a cover update to wish their Facebook Fans a prosperous 2014, or to provide them with inspiration for New Year’s resolutions…This also allowed them to be a bit more creative.

Here we go:

1. Hotel Bloom! 

Hotel Bloom! was quite original and used Flipagram – which is a tool to create short videos using your photos – to showcase their favourite moments of 2013:

Hotel Bloom Flipagram 2013 overview

2. Nike

Nike New Year's resolution

Smart & relevant copy in combination with a great picture. Even this lazy lady would be tempted to go for a run (though I don’t think the roads nearby our house will look that romantic)!

3. McDonald’s

McDonald's 2014

Since almost everyone will go on a diet I was wondering how a fastfood company would wish their fans a Happy New Year. Would they deliberately have placed the salad leaves extra visible? 🙂

4. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton New Year post

By now you probably now that I have a soft spot for animals…

5. MasterCard

MasterCard priceless year

Priceless & Mastercard…uhuh 😀

6. Cornetto

Cornetto 2014 movie

Cornetto went a step further than the  typical branded image, and created a Cornetto animation. Nicely done!

7. Samsung Mobile

Samsung Mobile - New Year all over the world

Maybe next year they can go one step further and post a dedicated message per country at the appropriate timing, or let others tag pictures per country…

8. Oreo

Oreo - last dunk of the year

Oreo also created an original relevant & fun short video. I’m sure fans appreciate this more than a regular picture post.

9. Bongo Belgium

Bongo Belgium - New Year's resolutions

Bongo Belgium offers gift voucher packages with specific themes. In their post they cleverly linked New Year’s resolutions to these topics. The post its say: “Enjoy more”, “Discover more”, “More Quality Time”, “More Sport”, “Relax more”, and “More Adventure” and of course every post it is linked to the relevant gift voucher box…dohuh 🙂

10. Chanel

Chanel Holiday Wishes movie

Chanel created a magical video, but it’s such a pity that on their Facebook Page they posted it for Christmas AND New Year. In between there were no other posts so it really looks silly 🙁

Last but not least a message from Lola & myself….