1. How to tag a Friend in your Facebook status update

To tag a friend in your status update, start typing their name and then select their profile from the dropdown menu that appears. Make sure to write the first letter of their name with a capital letter. You’ll see that the full name of your friend is now inserted in your status update.

how to tag a friend on Facebook

You can easily delete the last name of your friend – which looks nicer -, by putting your mouse cursor behind his or her last name and then click on the “backspace” button:

back space button

When you comment on a post, you can link to someone in your response by following the same steps as above. Comment links create a link to that person’s profile and may send them a notification so they can stay up-to-date on the conversation.

2. How to tag another Facebook Page in a post on your Facebook Page

When you have a Facebook Page you can only tag other Facebook Pages, you can’t tag real persons (= Profile Pages). To tag a Page, type the “@” symbol in your status update, and then start typing the Page’s name. When the Page you want to refer to doesn’t show up, it helps if you first go and Like that Page with your own Facebook Brand Page and then tag them in your post, because pages that you like are always suggested.

The advantages of tagging a Brand Page:

  • the Manager of that Page will get notified that you tagged them, and might share your post if it’s a valuable one.
  • your fans can click on the brand you mention to easily go to their Facebook Page

Be careful not to over-tag, and only do it when it’s relevant. Please don’t hesitate to leave a reply, when you still have questions related to tagging. I’m here to help! 😉