Update: the article below is only valid if you still have the old Facebook layout. My Facebook has now (finally) switched to Facebook Graph version, and the functionalities & appearance of Events are different. With the new version you can directly chat with attending guests with your personal profile without having to add yourself as a host. Btw the new event page looks more streamlined and modern, I like 😉

When you create a Facebook Event with your Page, you have the possibility to add your Personal Profile as a Co Host. Biggest advantage? Your personal profile can send a message to all the invitees. Of course this functionality will not be useful for all companies for privacy reasons. In my opinion only companies that put their team in the spotlight, and that are giving their company a human face will benefit from this….oh and for consultants like me it’s also an ideal solution 😉

Image of a Facebook Branded Calendar

The steps to add yourself as a Co Host for a Facebook Event created by a Page are fairly simple:

Step 1
Log in to Facebook using your personal account.

Step 2
Go to the page of your business by clicking on it it he left sidebar navigation or by entering the name of your business in the search field.

Step 3
Go to the event that you created.

Step 4
Click “Join” to add the event to your personal list.

Step 5
Click the gear icon on the event page to open a drop-down menu.

Step 6
Click “Edit Hosts” to open the Edit Hosts dialog box. This option will only show with your Personal Profile, not when you are logged in as your Page.

Step 7
Type the first letters of your name in the box labeled “Hosts” to open a drop-down list of names.

Step 8
Click your name in the list and click “Submit” to add yourself as a co-host.

That’s all! When you now (as yourself) click again on the gear icon, the dropdown will also contain the option “Send guests a message“.

Screenshot of How to send guests a message via a Facebook Event

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