Facebook Debugger

Sometimes it can happen that you insert a link to your website or blog in a Facebook Update, and that only the link comes up, even though the page you want to link to does contain text and one or multiple images. It might be that Facebook is still recognizing the first draft of your blog post or webpage.

Example of update where Facebook doesn't generate the image & description

With Facebook Debugger you can force Facebook to refresh its cache of the website or blog page you want to link to, and Facebook will update its information for the link you mention.

Facebook Debugger

Enter the URL of the page you want to link to that doesn’t generate a preview with image and description, and click on “Debug”. Now insert the link in your post again, and you should get to see an image and a description.

Scan the page to see if anything falls under the category “Open Graph Warnings That Should Be Fixed.” Fix those items. The Debugger might for example tell you to enlarge your image. Re-enter the URL into the Debugger when you’ve done this, and enter your link in your status update.That’s it!

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