Recently I gave a Social Media Workshop at VLAB about Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. One of the questions I received was “How can you disable email notifications for LinkedIn Groups?“.

For me LinkedIn Groups are like virtual networking events. In a LinkedIn Group you will meet professionals from the same industry as yours, or people that share an interest with you, and just like at a networking event you will share ideas, find answers, maybe discuss job opportunities, add interesting contacts to your network, and if you’re into personal branding you can also position yourself as an expert in your business. So it’s definitely interesting to join one or more LinkedIn Groups, but if you have daily email notifications turned on your mailbox might explode!

There are 2 ways to disable these email notifications:

Method 1:
Most suited method if you are only active in one or a few LinkedIn Groups.

Go to the LinkedIn Group; and top right you click on the i-symbol next to the button “Member”.

Screenshot of a LinkedIn Group

A box with several links will open, click on “Your settings” on the right side:

Screenshot of LinkedIn Group - Your settings

Now you can uncheck all the options related to receiving emails, or you can  just change the frequency to only receive weekly emails which will already make you feel less stalked 😉

Screenshot of LinkedIn email delivery options

Method 2:
Most suited if you are member of a lot of LinkedIn Groups.

Hover with your mouse over your photo thumbnail (top right), and select “Privacy & Settings“.
Afterwards select “Groups, Companies & Applications” and click on the blue link “Set the frequency of group digest emails“. There you will also be able to select “no email”.

Screenshot of LinkedIn - Privacy and Settings for Groups

Personally I go for weekly digest emails. I just know that otherwise I’ll forget to go my LinkedIn Groups to check them out myself…:-) Curious as always: which setting do you prefer, and why?