New Twitter Profile

Twitter has recently revamped the layout of Twitter Profiles. If you don’t have the New Twitter Profile yet, activate it here 😉 The following tips will help you to get the most out of this change for your business (and your personal profile might benefit from these tips as well):

1. Pin your most important tweet

Though Twitter doesn’t work with a filter to only show certain messages to your followers like Facebook does, there is a natural filter: when people follow a lot of tweeps they might not see your tweets cause there timeline is so full & they don’t check it all the time. Now you have the ability to pin one of your tweets to the top of your Twitter profile so that visitors of your profile will definitely see it. I still don’t have the new layout on my So Buzzy Twitter Profile, but on my personal Twitter Profile I do have the new layout and there I pinned a tweet about an upcoming Twitter Workshop for Beginners that I’m organizing in June (in Dutch). 

Pinned Tweet

2. Use your Header Photo as a banner

The Header Photo became huge, and is now very comparable to your Facebook Cover image, so why not use it like a banner with a call to action to follow for example your other social media channels like Samsung Mobile did in this example:

Twitter Header Photo of Samsung Mobile

3. Change your Content Strategy

Twitter is often seen as a ’text’ channel. It’s surely less visual than Facebook. One of the reasons for this is that only when you upload an image directly on Twitter it will be iimmediately visible in the timeline. When you upload your image via Instagram (or another app) and share it on Twitter it will only show a link, and people need to click to see your image. Now with the profile update Twitter has given extra attention to photos & videos. Like you will see on the first screenshot above, underneath the bio of a profile you’ll now see a block “Photos and Videos” including the most recent photos & videos that the profile shared. Photos and Videos have also been added to the top navigation, in the second position next to “Tweets”, making Photos & Videos much more prominent in this new layout, so you might want to start uploading more visual content!

4. Rethink your Favourites approach

Personally I’m using ‘Favourites’ in 3 ways:

  1. I use it the same way as a ‘Like’ on Facebook
  2. To bookmark interesting content
  3. To show gratitude to someone who mentioned me, instead of sending them a tweet to thank them

Now Twitter added Favourites to the top navigation in my Profile so I might want to rethink how I use them,
and in the future maybe only use it to bookmark interesting content, since my favourites are now also very accessible to others.

Twitter Favourites

5. Decide which conversations you want to be seen

When you visit someones Twitter profile the default “Tweets” view will be Tweets excluding conversations and @-replies. If you want to see the conversations you’ll have to click on “Tweets & Replies”.

"Tweets" versus "Tweets & Replies"

This is something that you can take into account when replying to someone, or when you start a conversation. If you want a conversation to be seen you simply put something before the @ in your tweet (that’s why you’ll see some tweets starting with a ‘.’):

Shown underneath Tweets:
Hi @KelWouters, we’ll try to solve that problem…

Not shown underneath Tweets, only shown underneathTweets & Replies:
@KelWouters, we’ll try to solve that problem…


Will you be using some of these tips for your Twitter profile, or do you have other great ideas to benefit from the new Twitter layout? I’d love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to leave a reply;-)