Currently Instagram allows to share photos directly on a Facebook Fanpage when you use a iOS or Android device.

How to share Instagram Photos to your Facebook Page:

Step 1:
Go to your Instagram profile on your device

Step 2:
Click on the radar-icon placed top right on your screen to go to your “Options”

Step 3:
Scroll down a bit & select “Share Settings”, & click on “Facebook”.

Step 4:
The first option will be called “Share with” & by default “Timeline” will be selected.
However when you click on this you’ll be able to select to post on a Facebook Page that you manage instead of posting on your own Facebook Profile.

One final tip: be very careful! Instagram only lets you connect one Facebook account or page, so if the next picture that you’ll take is one of your cute pet, and you share it on Facebook without changing the setting above back to timeline your Facebook Fanpage will get to see your furry friend 🙂

Instagram Post on Facebook Page

Want to see my furry friends on Instagram? Just follow @Kel_Wouters on Instagram, but don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s really only cats & dogs 😉