Content Marketing for Twitter is quite a challenge due to the 140 character limit. I like challenges, and when I’m working on a content plan, it really helps me took look at how other brands are tweeting to get inspired.

So here are some tweets from brands that I really liked:

1. Smart USA shows how to respond to a negative tweet

Original response to negative tweet by Smart USA

2. Charmin is proactively on the lookout for tweets related to going to the toilet, and responds very witty

Funny Tweet by Charmin

3. Some companies put themselves in the spotlight by going in conversation with other companies, even with their competitors, like Orbitz does here. Btw, the guy in the picture is the official spokesmen of Orbitz. Pretty bold. 🙂

Orbitz plays with Priceline on Twitter

4. I start singing when I read a tweet like this one from Delta, and the song is in my head all day long …

Song inspired tweet by Delta

5. When tweeting about topicality, you can still try to tie it to your brand, like Ben & Jerry’s in the following example:

Ben & Jerry's tweet about topicality but still link it to their brand

Did you stumble upon some really nice tweets from brands? Don’t hesitate to share pleazzzzzzz. 😉