emailThough I focus on Social Media, my background is digital marketing from A-Z so please forgive me for talking about emails today, but I have something on my chest, and it’s email signature related 🙂

Recently I received quite some emails containing signatures in the form of images. There was even one from an advertising agency, and coming from that industry for me that’s shocking because they should know better.

What’s the point of an email signature? It contains your contact details so people can get in touch with you via other channels than email as well, and it often provides links
to the website and/or social networks of your company. So placing it in the form of an image is a bad idea cause people won’t be able to easily copy/paste your data.

If you’re really stubburn and you want to have an image as your email signature containing all your data, you could create an image map, which will allow you to hyperlink different areas. But be aware that a lot of email programs don’t automatically load images in HTML emails.

What I do like is when people who email me for the first time attach their contact details so I can save it immediately to my Outlook contacts, but when they have emailed me 50 times, and they still attach their contact details I go nuts 🙂

Is there something email related that makes you go crazy, don’t hesitate to share! I’d love to hear about it 😉