I have quite some clients in the travel industry so I’m well aware of all the options available on the internet to book a stay. However an online searchtool for the perfect campingspot that was new to me, until today that is!

Two Belgian young entrepreneurs (Sebastiaan Schillebeeckx 23 & Wim Vanhorenbeeck 22)  from Antwerp developed an app ‘Campr’ that you can compare to the popular Airbnb-system where you can offer a room, house or apartment.

How does it work? You have a nice garden with a cosy corner that’s perfectly suited to place a tent, or you have a driveway conveniently located near a festivalarea so that a caravan can park there during the festival.  The interactive social platform will gather all unique campingsposts. It’s the same as CouchSurfing, but instead of sleeping on someones couch you’ll be sleeping in their garden or on their driveway 🙂


Wim & Sebastiaan developed this platform together as a graduation project in Multimedia Design @ Thomas More in Mechelen. According to them they don’t only offer original outdoor sleeping opportunities, but also unique experiences. They are aiming for a community in which you can stand out from the rest just because of the little details like organising a barbecue or a trip.

Officially the platform will only launch in january but you can already subscribe to their website to become one of the first Camprs: http://gocampr.com/ Next to that you can also follow their evolution via their Facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/gocampr

I really think that this is a very cool initiative. I’m even considering offering our garden near Brussels Airport to airplane-spotters 🙂