Guest post by Rosanne van Oene from Adcrowd

You’ve probably already heard about retargeting. But what is it exactly? And how can your webshop benefit from it? In this post I’ll briefly explain retargeting and how it will deliver more conversions for your webshop.

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What is retargeting?
Retargeting is a form of online advertising. By adding a special pixel to your website, you can reach your previous visitors and show them ads. This will guarantee you that you are addressing the proper target audience, since your reaching people that already showed interest in your website since they visited it.

These online ads are shown everywhere on the web; check for example  For a webshop you could also use dynamic ads. These type of ads will show products that your previous webshop visitor looked at, so you know you are showing him or her relevant content.

Approach them based on their phase in the buying process
Not every visitor will look at your website the same way. Imagine you have a webshop with several brands of handbags like Kel’s webshop So Baggy. Some visitors will only look at the homepage and will then leave. They didn’t click through. These kind of visitors are less valuable than visitors that looked at product pages and might even addes items to their shopping cart.

It’ s very valuable to use the information that you receive from previous vistiors. Where did they stop in the buying process? How far did they go on your webshop, how likely is it that they will buy something on a short term? They could by from your webshop, but they could also buy from your competitor if you don’t do anything.

By using retargeting you can remind previous visitors about your webshop. When you set-up a retargeting campaign you can create segments and indicate a difference based on the buying process phase of your previous visitor. This will allow you to show a different add to to a visitor who only viewed your homepage versus a visitor who added something to the shopping cart.

Meer omzet met je webshop dankzij retargeting

How will your webshop benefit from retargeting? 
Retargeting is a way to get attention from your previeous webshop visitors. Only 2% of visitors that visit a webshop will buy during their first visit. This means that a huge amount of visitors will have to visit your webshop a second time to be convinced to buy an item. By activating online ads, you will be able to win over lost visitors. This not only has a positive impact on branding but also on your profit!

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