Collect email adresses via Twitter with the Lead Generation Card & a Pinned Tweet 

Twitter has a lot of cool features that should be used more often like Twitter Cards. A selection of Twitter Cards are free like the Summary Card and the Product Card, so it would be silly not to use them!

For our So Baggy webshop I’ve set-up the Summary Card and the Product card, and recently I installed a Twitter Lead Generation Card to collect email adresses via Twitter.The Lead Generation Card allows people to seamlessly and securely share their email address with you without leaving Twitter or having to fill out a cumbersome form. They just need to click on a button, and they can share the email address associated with their Twitter account with you. This Twitter Card type isn’t free. You need to pay per lead (meaning per email adress) but the costs are very low and we need to accept that the free ride on social media is over.

But don’t just set-up the Twitter Lead Generation Card and stop there => take it one step further: on Twitter you can pin a Tweet at the top of your profile so that when people visit your Twitter profile (on a desktop device) it will always be the first tweet they see. So it’s a pretty smart tactic to pin a Lead Generation Card tweet:

Vastgemaakte tweet - Twitter Lead Generation Card

Settings-wise you have complete freedom. You can for example choose any button-name, it’s not that you have to select a button from a dropdown like on Facebook. In my case I’ve chosen for “Subscribe” but I also added an arrow symbol so people will be more likely to click it 🙂

When someone clicks on your call-to-action button they will get to see a screen where they can confirm their subscription/opt-in:

Bevestiging inschrijving e-maillijst

But what I like most about this is that you can connect it to a lot of existing CRM-systems like Salesforce and in our case MailChimp. Icing on the cake, cause when you connect with your system the email adresses will automatically be imported in your system, so sit back and relax while your mailing list expands 😉