Facebook Location Targeting 2.0
Facebook already offered the possibility to target your ads based on location, but now they really spiced it up, and your business will benefit from their latest Geo-Targeting changes!

Facebook Location Targeting Update

Here’s an overview of the location targeting options:

  • Include or exclude an address:
    Now you can enter an address meaning street, city and country and a radius (e.g. 20 km around this address).  I tried it for my home location and didn’t work yet, but like always Facebook starts with US and other countries will follow 🙂
  • Everyone in this location:
    This targeting option does what it says: it will target your ad to people who live in that location OR who recently visited it.
  • People who live in this location:
    Select this option if you only want to reach people actually living in a certain area. This option is probably determined by Facebook profile information.
  • People recently in this location
    Maybe you only want to target to people that recently visited an event like a festival in Leuven, but they don’t have to live there. With this option you can do this, and now you know why Facebook is collecting location data 😉
  • People traveling in this location
    Nope this is not exactly the same as “People recently in this location” but their can be some overlap . Facebook is aware of our hometown and they know our current location, and when you current location is more than 160 km from your home they presume you are probably traveling.

Facebook Location Targeting Update

These features have just been rolled out, so as always with new stuff it’s not perfect yet and will still improve the following weeks but don’t let that stop you from experimenting! I can already think of opportunities like targeting for events & temporary pop-up stores, restaurants that get cancellations and can still fill their tables with geo-targeted last minute ads, inform a specific region about a disaster taking place, …

And you, how would you use these improved Facebook Location Targeting options? I would really appreciate your feedback!