A while ago I stumbled upon a fun & easy game on the Instagram of jewellery webshop of Luxedy.
The mechanism was really simple: in the caption Dorien from Luxedy explained that you needed to tag someone in a comment. You could keep tagging until…
she would stay STOP which would happen somewhere before 9PM. The last one who tagged someone before she said STOP won an incentive.

Instagram Tag Game by Luxedy

Easy and brilliant, cause chances are likely that your audience tags people that don’t know your brand or company… so an ideal & fun way to expand your reach.
Just make sure that you’re clear on how your mechanism works => for example will you say STOP in a comment or in a caption, cause if you don’t mention this and you change your caption it might happen that people keep on commenting cause they didn’t notice that your message changed and that the game is over.

Don’t hesitate to share if you know other fun Instagram games!