VTM Nieuws is reporting intensively on the Presidential Elections in the United States. A while ago they mentioned during the news that Journalist Elke Pattyn, who is following and analyzing
the elections for VTM Nieuws, launched a Facebook Page dedicated to this topic. That made me curious so I looked it up.

VTM Nieuws

It’s positioned as a Facebook Page by Elke about the American Elections, behind the scenes at VTM and more.
Issue they should look into > when you search for Elke Pattyn on Facebook you’ll get her ‘personal’ profile and unfortunately the “news” page doesn’t appear in the results.

However when you google “Elke Pattyn VTM Facebook” you’ll get the above Facebook Post directing you to the correct page https://www.facebook.com/vtmnieuws.elkepattyn/:

Elke Pattyn Facebook Page

The category “Community Page” has been selected, meaning it’s a Community Page about an official Facebook Page “VTM Nieuws”. Personally I would have used a different approach since the idea is that Elke is informing us through this page, so I would have gone for the category “News Personality” like the example below from American Anchor Natalie Pasquarella. Chances are very likely that the page then will quicker appear in Facebook Search when you enter Elke’s name.

Natalie Pasquarella

Another tip for Elke and her team: when you mention VTM or initiatives like Rode Neuzen Dag make sure to tag their Facebook Pages in your post, because by doing so your
post will be shown to a few of their fans as well (and you facilitate clickthrough for your Fans).

That said I really like the initiative. Personally I follow journalists on Twitter, but when they start using Facebook they will be able to reach a bigger crowd (and Twitter doesn’t seem to be doing very well lately). I also like the fact that the page is mainly tied to one topic compared to the Global VTM NIEUWS Facebook Page. So if you’re interested in the American Elections you now know which Facebook Page to like 😉

Did you stumble upon similar Facebook Pages from Belgian News Anchors? Don’t hesitate to share in a comment, and no the Facebook Page with pictures from Wim De Vilder doesn’t count 😉