It seems to me that Snapchat’s evolution is following the quote from Samantha in Sex and the City:

“First come the gays, then the girls, then the industry”

More and more friends are adding me on Snapchat – and no they don’t work in Social Media :p Radio stations have their own Snapchat account for exclusive footage, and also one of my favourite Talent TV shows “The Voice van Vlaanderen” makes use of Snapchat for behind the scenes during the live shows. All signs that Snapchat is becoming mainstream (in Belgium), and can no longer be perceived as a niche channel.

Personally I like Snapchat, but mainly for the lenses which are cool over-the-top special effects you can add to your picture or video. I  only share these with my hubby and a few friends just to have a laugh but for once I’ll also share two silly pictures with you 😉

Kel Wouters on Snapchat

But Snapchat is more than just a ‘fun’ channel! Brands & Companies are also turning to Snapchat. They use it to share new product sneak peaks, give behind the scenes & exclusive updates, and last but not least to organize contests.

Curious how you can organize a contest on Snapchat?

Let’s have a look at a Snapchat contest case example by Coca-Cola Belgium. I discovered their Snapchat contest on Twitter where they launched a promoted Tweet and announced their Snapchat contest via a GIF with the message “Score #CocaCola headphones on Snapchat! Snap and win “:

Snapchat contest Coca-Cola

They also included a link in their tweet, and if you clicked on that you got a call to action to open or download Snapchat. The links didn’t work, but it was clear for me what I had to do 🙂 So I opened Snapchat and followed cocacolabelgium.

Coca-Cola Snapchat

On Snapchat Coca-Cola Belgium shared a Story which is a photo or video that is available to your friends for 24 hours and which can be replayed unlimited (unlike a classic snap that self-destructs after a few seconds). First they showed a girl playbacking with a Coca-Cola Zero, followed by the message that to win these headphones you need to do the same and snap your own playback video to Coca-Cola Belgium. Within the snap they also mention a link on which you can find the contest rules since contest rules nor links can be embedded within Snapchat.

Coca-Cola Snapchat Contest

Snapchat Contest Coca-Cola

You will notice that the layout of Coca-Cola Belgium’s story is less slick than what we are used from them. I would even dare to use the word amateurish, but this approach is typical for Snapchat so they did well 😉