Facebook is rolling out a new Facebook Page Design. Important to know: Facebook is rolling out the new Page Layout per User not per Page. This means that you might be seeing all Facebook Pages with the new style when your account has been updated, while others still see the old layout for all Facebook Pages.

Here’s how Facebook Pages will probably look like in the near future:

New Facebook Page Design by Hugh Briss

I say ‘probably’ cause it’s very likely that Facebook is still in the testing phase. Therefor it’s recommended to wait with updating your cover image until the new page design has been rolled out for everyone. Pretty sure Facebook will make an official announcement once it’s live for everyone.

What is different with this new Facebook style? Here’s a great visual recap by Social Media Thought Leader Mari Smith:

New Facebook Page Design by Mari Smith

So to sum up the Facebook Page Layout changes:

  • Profile picture no longer integrated in the cover picture
  • Page name & user name no longer integrated in the cover picture
  • Tabs/apps moved to the left column
  • New Messenger icon integrated below your cover picture
  • The word “More” is added to the 3 dots which is better from a usability perspective cause a lot of people had no clue what it was for
  • Call To Action button now below the cover picture, bigger and in same style as mobile version
  • Category of your page moved from cover picture to right column
  • Likes, about section, reviews, featured apps etcetera moved from left to right column
  • Stats for admins moved to a more prominent place: above wall posts

With the new Facebook Layout you can manipulate the cover picture and foresee an extra area on the bottom of your image to force the width to remain the same for mobile viewers so the sides don’t get cut off. But it also gives you a handy area to add a message that is visible to mobile viewers but unvisible on desktop devices. Social Identity Specialist Hugh Briss has been experimenting with this and he uses 828 x 475 pixels for the new cover image. Might be good to know for those who can’t wait 😉

What I like most about the new Facebook Page design is the fact that the cover image isn’t covered by buttons & the profile picture anymore. With this style we can really use the full space of the cover image. I think a lot of cover image designers will be very happy with this update 🙂

What do you think about this new Facebook Page Design?