A while ago Michèle did her internship with us: she worked at So Buzzy but also at So Baggy, our webshop specialized in handbags. Christopher and I were very pleased with her so we asked her to stay. In the meanwhile she is graduated and will start working full-time at So Buzzy as a Digital Media Manager.

Meet Michèle

So Buzzy Michèle Note

Michèle Note is 23 years old and grew up in Veurne, West-Flanders. In 2011 she started her studies in Linguistics and Literature Dutch & German in Kortrijk (Kulak), a department of KU Leuven. Two years later, she moved to Leuven, where she finished the Master’s degree course in Linguistics and Literature (major Dutch) in 2015. Michèle completed her studies with an additional Master in Corporate Communication Dutch-French also at KU Leuven.

Within the Master’s course in Corporate Communication, Michèle attended a field lecture about social media given by myself. Apparently my presentation wasn’t too bad cause during that field lecture, Michèle got hooked on social media marketing. A few days later I received a very original email from her in which she spontaneously applied for an internship. I explained her that my planning is different every week, and that she would regularly have to go to different locations like Leuven, Antwerp & Brussels. Unlike many other interns she really didn’t mind and was very enthousiastic. Her internship and our collaboration worked so well that I offered her a contract.

Michèle has a diploma for clarinet and theatre which she practiced at the conservatory of Veurne. Next to that she followed a dance training during several years. Although she’s very interested in the digital world, Michèle loves to travel through nature with a backpack and a tent together with her boyfriend, preferably for multiple days. Michèle likes to experiment with video editing (with a little help from tutorials on YouTube). A skill she will definitely use at So Buzzy.

Digital and social media appeal to Michèle, because it brings brands and their customers closer to each other. Furthermore, her studies in Corporate Communication taught her that a lot of companies struggle with digital and social media. These media however, are an excellent opportunity if you know how to use them. An exciting challenge which Michèle will gladly undertake!

Welcome on board of our So train Michèle 😉