Anyone who wants to reach a young target audience today can no longer ignore Instagram. But does your company really want to obtain results on Instagram? In that case, we can definitely recommend switching to an Instagram Business Profile. It offers you a lot of advantages and makes it possible for you to reach your target audience even better. How to do this? We will gladly explain it to you!


Instagram Business Profile

The 3 major benefits of an Instagram Business Profile

First of all, an Instagram Business Profile ensures that customers can easily contact you. When you switch to a business profile, people who visit your profile can see a few different options. They can, for example, call you, send you an e-mail or look up directions. These actions are only possible if you have provided the right contact details. Thanks to these small additions, clients can easily find you and reach your business.

So Buzzy Business Profile

In addition, you can get all kinds of useful insights with an Instagram Business Profile, which is not possible with a private account. For example, you can analyze how many people have viewed your posts, and compare this amount to previous periods. But there is more: you can see when your followers are the most active, the best time of the day to add new content, which one of your photos is the most successful, and so on. When using Instagram Stories you can view statistics for 24 hours, until the post has disappeared. Thanks to all these data, you get a good idea of who your followers are and how engaged they are.

Finally, an Instagram Business Profile can also help you promote your business or products. You get the opportunity to create sponsored posts of fun pictures or videos. This principle is the same as with Facebook. Sponsored content can help you reach people who are not familiar with your business yet, or who are not following you.

Switching to a business profile

But how do you convert your Instragram profile to a business profile? It’s really not that difficult. You go to your setting and tap “Switch to Company Profile”. Then, you link your Instagram account to your Facebook business page. You can do this by logging in to the Facebook page as an administrator. Afterwards, you add the details of your business profile, such as email address and phone number, and that’s it! A piece of cake…so what are you waiting for?

Switching to Instagram Business Profile