In an earlier blogpost we told you all about the best time to post content on social media. Luckily for us, there is no need to memorize all this information. There are all kinds of social media tools, that help you discover the ideal moment to add new content. We have listed a few of them.

1. Facebook

On Facebook, we would start by looking at Facebook Insights. You can find Facebook Insights by navigating to the dropdown in the top right of your Facebook Business Page. Here you can find a lot of statistics on Facebook, that offer insights in the performance of your marketing efforts. You can find out how your posts are doing by clicking on the tab ‘Posts’. You can check which posts generate the most engagement and at what time you should add new content.

Facebook insights


2. Instagram

There are also social media tools that offer insights in exchange for a fee. Iconosquare is a good example for Instagram. This tool doesn’t only determine the best time to post new content, but also tells you which posts generated the most engagement.

Social media tools Iconosquare

3. Twitter

Followerwonk is a nice tool to use for Twitter. After you have entered some data, you can select the option ‘Analyze Followers’. As a result, a graph appears that illustrates when most of your followers are online. These are also the best times for you to tweet.

Followerwonk Social Media Tools

A similar social media tool is Tweriod. A graph visualizes how many followers are online at a particular time. The advantage that Tweriod offers is that you can view different graphs: one for weekdays, one for weekends, one only for tuesdays… Thanks to the ‘Combined’ option you can even compare these graphs with each other. All these different data makes it easy for you to determine the best time to tweet.

Tweriod Social Media Tools

4. Multi channel solutions

But perhaps you don’t feel like using a different tool for every channel? That’s understandable! Luckily there are social media tools that provide a solution. They offer the possibility to analyze multiple channels. An example is Hootsuite. This tool has an ‘AutoSchedule’ function. This means that the ideal moment to publish a post or to tweet is based on the performances of similar content. This way you can create as much engagement as possible on all platforms.

Hootsuite social media tools

Here at So Buzzy, we are a big Agorapulse fan. This tool allows you to generate reports for the most important social media channels. For example, in a Facebook report you will find insights about the best day to post, the best time, which sort of content, and lots more!AgoraPulse - best time to post on Facebook

We hope that these social media tools will help your progress. Now off to work and share that content! But at the right time of course 😉