Facebook saved replies – A great tip for conversation management 

This blog post was updated on 31/01/2018

Everybody who has a Facebook page knows this problem. You take a look at your inbox and you see that it is filled with messages. Answering these one by one already takes up a lot of your valuable time, and on top of that you see that a lot of them require more or less the same answer. Which results in you having to explain the same subject over and over again… Frustrating to say at least.

If there only was a solution for this problem… oh wait, there is! As a page, Facebook offers you the ability to use Facebook saved replies. A great feature for everyone who wants to be time efficiënt. What does it do? Simple, this feature lets you send out automated messages to your followers so that you don’t have to type the same message multiple times. The best thing is that you have the ability to personalize them. This way it isn’t obvious that the message is send to a larger group of people. Your customer still feels connected to you on a personal level and you save time!

So Buzzy explains how Facebook saved replies work.

Step one:
When you go to the inbox of your page and select the message you want to reply to, you will notice that next to where you usually type your message, there is this little symbol. By clicking it you will open the Facebook saved replies feature.

Facebook saved replies


Step two:
The menu that you now see will show you all the saved replies you have. If you, like me, haven’t any yet you will see these two standard replies that Facebook made for you. From this menu you can very easily select which message you want to send out to the person you are dealing with. Having trouble finding your message?  There is an option to filter all your messages based on which ones you used the last, ones that you frequently use or ones that you recently created. You can also choose to make a new answer by clicking “create new answer”.  Editing your Facebook saved replies you can do by clicking managing replies in the top right corner.

Facebook saved replies

Step three:

Creating a new reply is really simple, all you have to do is title the message and type what you want to say in it. To personalize your message you click “personalize”. This will give you a list of options about elements that frequently return but are always a little different. Think for example about the first name of your followers. Selecting this option will automatically adjust the first name for every Facebook saved replies message. You can also choose for example that in every message the person who answered it is visible or that every message has an email so that you followers can reach out to you.

Facebook saved replies

Facebook saved replies









As you can see Facebook saved replies is a very handy feature to have! One which will you save a lot of time. Thanks to So Buzzy you also know how to use this feature now, thank us later! ?

Use saved replies on your smartphone
Of course there is a big chance that you will answer conversations on-the-go. Angela informed us in a comment on the Dutch version of this post that not everyone knows where to find the saved replies on mobile. We find it a very good tip, so we added it to this blog post. Thanks Angela! > When you click on a conversation, you will find a blue icon containing a white plus in the lower left corner.

Facebook saved replies

By clicking on it, you get 2 options: via the first option you can go to your saved replies and select a message.

Facebook saved replies

The second option is another novelty of Facebook and allows you to schedule an appointment with that person for one of your services. We aren’t planning on using this option anytime soon, but it shows that Facebook really wants to be a one-stop-shop for companies.

Facebook create appointment

Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think about Facebook saved replies or what your experience is with this feature.