A while ago, we told you in this blog post that our Facebook newsfeed is going to change. As a result of this update, posts from our family and friends are now considered as more important than company posts. So what does that mean exactly? On the one hand, you will notice more baby photos, selfies of crazy family members and travel reports from friends you often interact with in your newsfeed. Announcements, promotions and articles from companies on the other hand will appear less frequently in your timeline, so you might miss newsfeed updates.

For many companies, this sounds very problematic at first sight, because their reach can drop significantly if their posts don’t generate enough conversations. But there is also good news: if you want your fans to keep seeing your messages, there is a simple solution! With only a few mouse clicks, they can ensure that they don’t miss newsfeed updates of your company. Does that sound like music in your ears? We explain how this works in a few steps.

  1. On desktop

Step 1: Go to the Facebook page of the company from which you still want to receive updates

Step 2: Click on the icon “Following” underneath the cover photo. Then select the “See First” option.

Facebook don't miss newsfeed updates

2. On mobile

Step 1: Go to the Facebook page of the company from which you want to receive updates. Click on “Following”

Step 2: You will arrive on the page “Your subscriptions”. At the bottom of this page, select the option “See First”

Facebook following mobile

Facebook your subscriptions

As you can see, it’s not difficult at all. But of course it’s important that you inform your fans about this simple trick, so they know how to do this. If you also provide good qualitative content on your page, everything will be all right 🙂

Let us know how you handle the changes in the Facebook newsfeed for your company in a comment!