You probably already know what a #hashtag is. Instagram Hashtags are used to quickly find posts on a certain topic. By clicking on a hashtag you get to see multiple posts about the same subject. However, many people don’t know you can also follow hashtags, like following a person. This function is useful for both consumers and companies.

Since a few months, Instagram has the option to follow hashtags that interest you. When doing so, topics you follow will appear on your feed. You will also get to see Instagram Stories that are linked to this hashtag. Hashtag posts on your feed are easy to recognize, the tag will show above the picture. With stories, the hashtag will be visible underneath the circle.

Instagram Hashtags Feed

How to follow a hashtag?

Easy Peasy! You just click on a hashtag that interests you, or you search for one using the search option. When you find a hashtag that interests you, just click on it and press “follow”. If you are no longer interested in this topic, you can unfollow the hashtag by pressing the “following” button and the option to unfollow will appear.

Following Instagram Hashtags

After following a hashtag, you will see posts about this topic in your feed. Of course you won’t see every post that uses this tag. Instagram wouldn’t want your smartphone to explode. The social media app works with an algorithm that determines which post containing the hashtag is most relevant to you. The algorithm defines this based on previous liked posts. By liking posts, Instagram learns what is relevant and interesting to you. When you dislike a certain post related to a hashtag, you can click on the three dots top right. Then you have the option to choose “Don’t Show for This Hashtag”.

Instagram Hashtags unwanted post

Why are Instagram Hashtags so useful for companies?

Well, hashtag follows allow you to use your Instagram Business Profile to stay up to date on all relevant topics. You can stay informed on what your competition is up to or you could just gain new inspiration from interesting posts. The hashtag follow function is also really useful to follow your own brand. It allows you to see what others post about your company and you can use this to your advantage. Another option is using hashtag follows for organizing a contest. For example, you could do a photography competition and people have to post their photo under a certain hashtag. This allows you to keep up with all entries, but make sure you choose a unique tag so you won’t see posts that have nothing to do with your contest.

If you understand the benefits of hashtag follows, you also understand that it’s important to use smart hashtags on your own posts. This way others can use the function to find your content. When thinking thoroughly on which Instagram Hashtags to use, you can easily reach new people and continue to grow.

Using Instagram Hashtags

Will you use this feature? Or are you using it already? Let us know what you think ?