A while back, we wrote a blog post about how we used influencers for the bloggers auction for SOS Children’s Villages. This was a perfect example of a positive use of influencers for a charitable cause. Even though people are often sceptical about influencer marketing, we are convinced that using influencers positively is still possible. For this reason we are discussing another case today, in which this positive use of influencers is shown. We are talking about the campaign “Leef zonder filter”, translated as: “Live without filter”.

The figurehead of this campaign was Nora Gharib. The goal is to get youth to talk about mental health. On social media, and in particular on Instagram, the view people get of the world isn’t always realistic. The platform is filled with the prettiest selfies, holiday pictures, concert videos, … The less pleasant moments in life are often not mentioned. If you look happy on your profile, people don’t know how you really feel. Sadly, because of this, a lot of young people get the idea that it’s not okay to feel sad once in a while.

A positive use of Influencers Nora Gharib

The campaign, which targets 16 to 24 year olds, wants to encourage people to talk to others about their problems. It’s important to talk about issues. In other words, the campaign wants you to live without a filter. A lot of tips are also provided to strengthen mental toughness. After launching the campaign, a lot of pictures and tweets surfaced with the hashtag #leefzonderfilter. In these posts, subjects like “looks” and “mental state” are addressed in a very open manner.

A positive use of influencers. Campaign reactions.

According to us, Nora Gharib is the perfect ambassador for this campaign. She is very active on social media, she has thousands of followers on Instagram who look up to her and she regularly uploads vlogs to YouTube. But just like everyone else, she can be sad, lonely or stressed, even though her posts don’t show it. We love the way this subject is brought to attention.

A campaign like this definitely proves that the positive use of influencers is possible. But to do so, you have to choose wisely. Make sure the person you work with is a good fit for the topic you want to discuss. If you need help with that, you know where to find us 😉