You probably already know that Facebook, apart from Instagram, has its own story function. This function isn’t really popular, but if you are active on both social platforms it might be useful to know how you can post your Instagram stories on Facebook. This way you can post one story on both social media platforms instead of having to make it twice.

How to share Instagram Stories on Facebook:

If you created a fun Instagram Story and you want to share this on Facebook, you can do this in a few seconds. First you have to choose or take your story picture. After having done this, you choose “send to”.

Instagram Stories on Facebook

Now you get a window with the option to add the picture to your Instagram story, or to send it to others. If you click on “Share”, you will also be able to post the picture as a Facebook Story.


Now you know how to share your Instagram Story on Facebook, but did you know you could also do this automatically? If you always want to share your Instagram Stories to Facebook, you can choose this option in the settings.

To do this, you have to go to the settings of your Instagram account. On an iPhone you can go to the settings by pressing on the cogwheel at your profile.

Instagram Stories on Facebook

On Android you can do this by pressing on the three dots in the upper right corner of your profile page.

On the settings page, search for “Account” and then choose “Story Settings”. If you scroll all the way down, you should be able to see the option to automatically post Instagram Stories to Facebook.

Instagram Stories on Facebook

Instagram Stories on Facebook

Posting stories automatically is only possible if your Instagram and Facebook accounts are connected.


Do you ever post Facebook Stories? And are these originally Instagram Stories or do you only post on Facebook? We are curious, so feel free to let us know in the comments below ?