Social Media Day, the ideal day for social media inspiration

The 30th of  June we celebrate Social Media Day. The ideal moment to provide some social media inspiration! We all selected our favourite social media account. We ignored the well known names, and no we didn’t include any of our clients 😉 Not all of the accounts we mention always follow the social media rules, but we forgive them, cause every single account we mention makes us happy. And that’s what social media is all about!

❌ Kel: Red Cross Flanders

When people ask me who is doing a great job on social media, and I’m not allowed to mention typical names like Coolblue, KLM & Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen (= Red Cross Flanders) is one of the first organizations I think of.

It’s a Facebookpage that I really like to follow thanks to a good content mix: educational posts, human stories like their column “Love is…”, nice toptopicals, funny stuff, warm calls for support without pointing a finger to anyone , …

Voorbeeld social media post Rode Kruis Vlaanderen

Next to that they stay on top of Facebook updates. They inform their fans about the Facebook algorithm and explain them how they can make sure they don’t miss any of their posts. Icing on the cake: they think ‘cross channel’, and promote one channel on the other while make sure they offer content diversity. Thanks to their approach it’s useful to follow them on more than one social media platform, unlike many organizations that often post the same content on Facebook & Instagram.  In short: compliments to Rode Kruis Vlaanderen!Voorbeeld social media post Rode Kruis Vlaanderen

Jana: Thuis

I must admit: I’m a big fan of Flemish soap opera ‘Thuis’ (which means “Home”). And not only of the soap, but I also like their social media accounts. They are very active on Facebook and Instagram.

What do they share on their Facebook Page? Every week they publish a short fragment of the upcoming episode to make you curious. But it doesn’t stop there. You will also discover funny quotes, GIF’s, bloopers and the latest updates. They post multiple times a day, and still they never bore me. On the contrary! There posts mostly make me smile. Voorbeeld social media post Thuis

On Instagram you’ll find a lot of behind-the-scenes material. During the seasons finale we saw Mayra sitting next to a very angry Waldek in a burning car. On Instagram however they posted a carrousel, during which you see both of them smiling during the shoot. When you swipe through the account you will discover how exciting or scary scenes were filmed. This way they really provide a unique behind the scenes to their fans & viewers. Smart approach: since they post different content on Facebook and on Isntagram, it’s worth while for fans to follow them on both channels and not miss anyting of their favourite soap opera.

Voorbeeld social media post Thuis

And they also make use of interactive Instagram Stories.  Right before the seasons finale they published a poll to allow fans to predict the outcome of different dilemmas. A nice way to discover if other fans expect the same scenario as you. “Home” is where the heart is, also on social media ?

? Michèle: VZW Oscar

My favourite account on social media? The Facebook Page of VZW Oscar, an organization offering shelter to cats with cat AIDS.

Voorbeeld social media post VZW Oscar katten
The tone-of-voice of some of their posts really makes me smile.  I also like that they often write from the perspective of a kitten, like the kitten is addressing you.  This post  is a really nice example that shows that you can also ask for a donation in an original way.

Voorbeeld social media post VZW Oscar katten

Next to that you can become a virtual friend of one of their cutie pies. Choose the amount you monthly want to donate, and you’ll be added to a WhatsApp group so you can follow the evolution of your cat buddy. Social at it’s best!

? Sarah: de Instagrannies

The Instagrannies are Belgium’s oldest influencers. The Instagram-account was launched by the Bond Zonder Naam. They want to give people over 80 a chance to share there wisdom with younger generations. No better place to do this than on Instagram! Every week different pictures of an elderly appear on the acount, with in the caption a life lesson shared by the Instagranny from the picture.

Voorbeeld social media post Instagrannies - Bond Zonder Naam
Their pictures get a lot of reactions. What I love most about this project? Afterwards a volunteer visits the Instagranny to inform him or her about all the comments they received.  Going the extra mile, that’s what makes the difference on social media. Something they know very well at Bond Zonder Naam.

Voorbeeld social media post Instagrannies - Bond Zonder Naam

If I may add one small negative remark: it’s a pity that they don’t let the elderly manage the account. When I first read about it, I thought that was the concept. But the photos and texts are created by a photographer and writer. This leads to a nice looking result, but how cool might it be if one of the Instagrannies shows a day from his or her life thru Instagram Stories? So, Bond Zonder Naam, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’d be more than willing to organize an Instagram workshop for grannies! ?

? Christopher – Laura Tesoro

An account I’m following for a while now on Instagram is the account of Laura Tesoro. She’s a Belgian Singer & Presenter from Antwerp. She became famous as a participant of The Voice, where she was scouted as a natural talent by Koen Wauters.

Voorbeeld social media post Laura Tesoro

Recently I discovered we went to the same high school, which creates a bond ? Her posts on Instagram are very inspiring and give a great insight into her carreer: presenter, actress, singer but most of all a real style icon for many people!Voorbeeld social media post Laura Tesoro

I especially like her Instagram Stories. But I must admit that I sometimes get seasick from the Boomerang effects she uses.

? Lola: Boris The Instapug

Last but not least: the favourite social media account of our office dog Lola? Boris The Instagpug!

Voorbeeld social media post Boris The Instapug dog

Boris is one of the most famous Belgian pugs thanks to his Instagram-account: more than 25.000 followers. Something a lot of people can only dream about ? A new leash, a nap on the beach, a selfie with his mommy… you’ll discover it all on his Instagram. And Boris also goes out with his friends in real life. Make sure to check out the hashtag #BorisLovesFriends.

Voorbeeld social media post Boris The Instapug dog

Boris, are you ready for a playdate with? ?

What’s your favourite social media account?

We are of course also very curious to discover the social media accounts that make you smile. Don’t hesitate to share your social media inspiration with us! ?