Linkedbook” or “Snapgram”, social media all start to look alike. There is no way to deny that, not even for us. As we grow older (and hopefully wiser), social media platforms evolve too. LinkedIn has always been in the slow lane when it comes to major updates. But they are obviously ready to change that. In the last few months a couple of larger updates have been made to the platform.  As a result of these updates LinkedIn is becoming more and more like Facebook.

LinkedIn groups

After extensive testing, LinkedIn fully optimized the LinkedIn groups. In the past year, LinkedIn has mainly focused on bringing conversations to the front, adding new features that make it even easier for users to talk to their professional network (e.g., being able to record and share videos) sending messages from any location on the site and be able to see throughout the platform whom of your network is online.

But it doesn’t stop here for LinkedIn, they promise to continue working on improving groups. In the following updates we could expect the following:

Navigate to your groups more easily: you will be able to find your groups faster and access them via the navigation panel on the LinkedIn homepage.

Keep the conversation going from your LinkedIn feed: you will be able to quickly start and participate in groups from your main feed. You will be able to respond to comments or share an interesting article without having to navigate to your group.

Easily discover new groups that match your interests: looking for new groups you might want to join? You will be able to find recommended groups based on your network and interests on the My Network tab on your desktop.


The second functionality that we are looking forward to is events.  Just like Facebook, LinkedIn wants to make it possible to share (business) events on the platform. According to LinkedIn product manager Ashu Dubey, the feature will be very similar to how events are displayed on Facebook, so you can see who will be present, invite other people and chat with other users in the event page feed.

LinkedIn EvenementenStories

LinkedIn’s third novelty is a pilot project set up in the US to test if they will integrate Stories into the platform. The project has been named “Student Voices” and is only available for American university students. They can add videos (not photos) to their Campus Playlist, the channel of their university. Students can watch the Playlist and the videos will disappear after a week. LinkedIn wants to give students the opportunity to share their academic experiences, such as internships, class projects and career fairs.

LinkedIn Stories

Live video LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the next social network on which you will be able to stream live videos. The work-related social network thus competes with, among others, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Currently, users can only stream live videos if they have received an invitation from LinkedIn, but the feature will be rolled out to all users in the future.

Linkedin Streaming

Why do I see this ad?

After Facebook, LinkedIn also announces that it will add a new advertisement transparency tab for LinkedIn business pages. This tab allows you to view all sponsored content (native ads in the LinkedIn feed) that advertisers have run on LinkedIn in the last six months.

? Are you also eager to try out these new features. Let us know in the comments ?