Oh yes, it’s that time again! We welcome a new member in our So Buzzy team: Donna Leroy! Time to introduce her to you in detail. Of course we’re all fans of her, and that’s not only because she brought some delicious waffles on her first day, but also because she laughs A LOT and she can tell great stories. And okay, she’s a great Digital Project Manager 😉

Donna So Buzzy

After two weeks we already know that Donna likes to bake, occasionally has some embarrassing moments and sometimes shops at Zalando. But we want to know more (and I’m sure you do too!), so we gave her our questionnaire. Read along!

  • How were your first few weeks at So Buzzy?

Top, of course I knew where I was going to, because I used to work with So Buzzy 😉

  • What was your most fun assignment until now?

The introductory meeting with Buroform was fun because I was actually thrown into the deep end. I don’t have a lot of experience with prospective meetings and I always enjoy doing something new. It was ideal for me because I really got to know So Buzzy.

  • What kind of assignments or campaigns would you like to do in the future with So Buzzy?

I would like to create a social media plan from scratch. I’ve already made some communication plans, but translating them into a digital communication plan must be really challenging.

  • What is your favorite social media channel?

Instagram. I have been a big fan of Facebook for a long time but in my opinion nowadays there is a lot of a blah blah blah. Images say so much more. But I have to say that Snapchat, with the last filter to change your sex, also scored a few points 😉

  • How often do you check your social media?

Too often… Let’s say it’s rather difficult to follow a series at night because I tend to scroll on social media the whole time.

  • Which brand or company would you recommend to follow?

A bit cliché, but I really like the posts of Bol.com. They always create content that is focused on topicality and are always funny in their conversation management.

  • What is your favorite emoji?

I really like to use these: 😉😊 These often show my own ‘state of mind’.

  • Which TV shows would you recommend?

Game of Thrones, but I think we all agree on that. If I have to choose a series a little less familiar, I would definitely recommend Big Little Lies. Top! A lot of excitement, relevant themes and great actors.

  • Which song is the perfect fit for you?

I’m an big fan of Linkin Park and Muse. So then I would choose Hysteria by Muse. A solid guitar and good vocals. What do you want more?

  • If you could be an animal, which animal would you choose?

If I’m honest, I’d like to be a cat. Lots of eating, sleeping and lying in the sun.

  • If you would need to provide lunch for the entire So Buzzy Team, what would we be eating?

If it’s a snack, I’d turn on my oven again, I guess 😊 Brownies, waffles, cake, you name it.

  • What do you do during the weekend?

It’s hard for me to sit still at the weekend. So you wille probably find me in Antwerp. The chance that this is a restaurant on Saturday night is high.

  • What is your favorite travel destination?

Until now, I wasn’t a big traveller but the plan is to change that. Last year we went roadtripping on the west coast of the United States for three weeks and to be honest, these were the best three weeks of 2018. But next year we will go to Vietnam which undoubtedly will be  awesome as well.

Donna So Buzzy reis

  • Do you have any secret talents, we don’t know about?

Something with a racket and a ball, but no tennis 😊

  • Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Somewhere in a house in Mechelen, still enjoying the fantastic trips we just made.

You can see, Donna is great! Are you curious about what she will experience at So Buzzy? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!