“How can I get more followers on Instagram? This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. The good news for you: you’re about to find out the answer!

How not to

What you have to remember very well: buying followers is a bad idea! In that way you don’t collect relevant followers. Only a little part of the followers you buy are real people. These are often provided by so-called ‘click farms’: automated programs that create thousands of accounts to follow you. Nice, those thousand extra followers, but they don’t deliver anything. They won’t like or respond to your photos and messages. The engagement of your page goes down, so you will reach fewer people in the long run.

How to

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to attract relevant followers. We are happy to put them together for you!

1. Provide social media references on your website, newsletter, email signatures…

People who already know you, visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter or mail you. So make sure these people are aware of your Instagram account and other social media channels by, for example, placing icons with links to these channels in these places.

Make sure these icons are not at the bottom of the page on your website. Someone who visits your website will have to scroll down to find the links and they might drop out.

2. Create cross channel posts

If you have multiple social media channels, it is interesting to occasionally refer to another channel from one of your channels. This way, you make sure that the followers of that channel are aware of the fact that there is another channel on which they can follow you. For example, refer to Instagram Stories on Facebook and let your followers know what they can expect there. It is of course important that both accounts do not bring the same content. After all, why would someone follow you on two channels if they only get to see the same posts?

Cross channel Instagram

You can, of course, even go further and have a certain action only run on one of your channels. This way, you can put this specific channel in the spotlight and attract new followers. A good example of this is the action of Q-music a few months ago, called The Take-Over. Q-music- DJ Maarten turned 30 and listeners were allowed to take over his life for a week. Through Instagram Stories, they could vote for what Maarten had to do during this week: have a haircut, sleep on a camping site, do step aerobics… Of course, followers also received an extensive report of the things he finally did in the Stories.

Volgers instagram actie3. Spread your nametag

The NameTag is a kind of QR code to add new friends on Instagram. The person you want to add only needs to scan the code and does no longer have to look for the right account. How can you use it as a company or organization? You can save your name tag as an image and then have it printed on brochures and flyers, put it on your website, …

nametag instagram

4. Follow people on Instagram

An account that no one’s following seems a little strange. Moreover, accounts that follow people on Instagram, have more engagement. So take the time to do this and start following people on Instagram yourself. Don’t just randomly choose accounts, but choose accounts that suit you and that could follow you back.

5. Interact with other people

This tip is not only important to build new followers. If you want to be successful on Instagram, you have to interact with your followers. This way you show that you are active, you show your appreciation to your followers and it is good for the algorithm which will give you more reach. This can be done very easily by liking the reactions that appear below your posts, but even better by responding to the comments under the post.


Interactie Instagram

6. Create a paid like campaign

The last way to gain more followers on Instagram is to create an ad with a call-to-action to follow your page. It’s important that you manage the expectations and indicate what people can expect when they will follow your account. An easy way to do this is to use photos that are actually posted, but you can also describe what kind of posts you usually post on your page.


These were the 6 tips we wanted to share with you. Do you think one is missing? Let us know in the comments!