Bom dia Lisboa! 👋 Because that’s where one of the biggest tech conferences in the world was held this year: Web Summit. And of course, our team was sitting in the front row to be inspired by a rollercoaster full of innovative and forward-thinking ideas. We can’t wait to tell you all about our favorite sessions. Ready for a dose of inspiration? 👇

Web Summit 2023 Lisbon

The favorite of Maïté – Should I start a podcast?

Speakers: David Savage, Rhett Power and Alisa Cohn

Maïté: “This session impressed me. Podcasts have become hugely popular in recent years and have so many opportunities. They offer brands the opportunity to connect with their audience, showcase their personality and establish themselves as influential voices in their field.”

Key insights you don’t want to miss from this session

  • Starting a podcast opens doors. It leads to new connections and helps build your brand.
  • Creating a podcast can feel a bit intimidating in the beginning. But let’s face it, it’s reassuring to know that even well-known people often have nerves about this. A tip: gain experience and try to develop yourself as much as possible.
  • Who doesn’t love surprises? 😉 Whether someone will accept your invitation and want to be a guest speaker, always remains a surprise. This is precisely why it’s extra important to nurture contact with those who do accept.
  • The success of your podcast stands or falls on how your guest feels. Did he or she enjoy it? Was it a positive experience? Then you’re all good.
  • Good content is more important than technical perfection. You can perfectly start a podcast without all the advanced technical gadgets. So start at the beginning, and then take the technology to a higher level step by step.
  • Keep challenging yourself. Finding your voice is an ongoing process of continuing to interview and enjoying the conversation.

The favorite of Lieselore – Lessons from Gen Z that will engage Gen Alpha

Speaker: Jay Richards (founder of Imagen Insights)

Lieselore: “My last session of Web Summit was also the most interesting for me. Although I officially belong to Gen Z, I find that sometimes it remains a mystery how best to reach them. Thanks to Jay Richards’ session, I got a better idea of who Gen Z really is, and what they’re all about. It’s the first generation that may also have influencers as parents. What digital changes that entails, the future will have to tell.”

Key insights from this session

  • Gen Z is a leader in change making. Even more than previous generations, they’re activists in making a change in the world. But are they so on every level? No, they aren’t. They have a few things they really believe in, and they go for them 100%.
  • Perfect content on social media is a no-go for Gen Z. They’re more into authenticity and value transparency, engagement and communities. They want to be involved with brands and their products.
  • Gen Alpha (born after 2010) will be the most diverse generation ever. They’re the first generation to grow up with influencers as parents. And 65% of them will have jobs that do not currently exist.

The favorite of Margot – Will GenAI transform marketing and advertising?

Speakers: Michael Treff, Angelica Mari, Simone Berry and Kristina Cambefort

Margot: “The first session of the day and my interest was immediately ✨ sparked ✨. GenAI is here to stay. So we better embrace it and learn how to use it to our advantage, right?”

Let’s take a look at the key takeaways

  • Many marketers experience a kind of fear of replacement. Generative AI is quite impressive, but especially good at easing your workload. This allows you to focus on other tasks that used to feel like a race against the clock.
  • Of course, GenAI remains a tool based on data. As a result, it often still lacks the human touch.
  • The line between having ideas and bringing them to life becomes paper-thin. GenAI takes your creativity to new heights, gives that extra push to your ideas and helps shape it.
  • GenAI makes us ‘superhuman’. Imagine what you already do now and what more you can do when GenAI takes over some of your tasks.
  • But what about that extra time that you’ll have? That does cause some tension. Think of it as an opportunity to focus more on strategy, let your creativity flourish, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Let’s shift that mindset.

Web Summit 2023 Lisbon

The favorite of Yannah – 5 ways OOH will boost your business

Speaker: Sylvain Le Borgne (Chief Data Officer of JCDecaux)

Yannah: “What stuck with me the most is that Out Of Home (OOH) is measurable and that it’s safe for your brand. Thanks to this session, I got a better idea about why OOH can be a good addition to your media mix. So for me, this was one of the best sessions I attended at Web Summit.”

The reasons why you should consider OOH, according to Sylvain Le Borgne

  • To start, it’s simple. As on other platforms, you can book your placement, submit material and optimize.
  • A second reason is agility. During the duration of the campaign, evaluate your ads and respond accordingly. Optimize and reallocate budgets as needed. In other words, ensure the best engagement with your ads.
  • Reason number three is comparability. With OOH, you can use the same metrics as on social media to evaluate your results. That makes it easier to compare cross-channel campaigns.
  • Next up, the transparency offered by OOH. You know exactly where your ad will be shown. So you don’t have to worry about it ending up in the wrong context, as can happen with Display Ads.
  • The last reason is efficiency. There’s no entry threshold. You can easily jump in using scheduling tools, and there’s no minimum budget required.

The favorite of Lina – A five-tool creator: Being platform-agnostic

Speakers: Camila Coutinho, Christine Peng-Peng Lee and Alexandra Sternlicht

Lina: “The first session I attended at Web Summit was immediately the one that stuck with me the most. It was a trip through the trends for 2024 in the growing creator economy. The need to adapt, innovate and restyle content in line with changing trends and platforms is an art itself. So trust me: flexibility is key here.”

Trends for 2024 in the creator economy

  • Private messaging is hot. Platforms such as WhatsApp or Discord allow creators to communicate with their audience in very personal and exclusive ways. This enables them to offer more customized experiences, which in turn creates deeper connections and greater loyalty.
  • AI will continue to take shape. As the tools and technologies continue to evolve, the creative possibilities continue to expand. They’re causing creators to become true superheroes. 🦸
  • With growing concern about the danger of social media, it’s becoming increasingly important to protect children online. Proactive measures are needed to ensure a safer online environment.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) is becoming more and more important. Brands increasingly need insights of creators in order to respond to this.
  • Quality and authenticity stand above going viral. It’s key to create meaningful and impactful content that fosters real connections with the audience. The ultimate goal of brands and creators is to build more lasting relationships with their followers.

Web Summit Lisbon

Ta-da! That was our bundle of insights from Web Summit 2023. Are you inspired and eager to tackle your company’s social media? Feel free to slide in our DMs. 😉