Social media is evolving incredibly fast. Every year, there are new apps and features launched that create a lot of buzz. So, we better be prepared going into the new year, right? 😉 Let’s see which social media trends 2024 has in store for us.

Trend 1: Social media as the ultimate search engine

Where can you have a nice and cozy dinner? What product would be best to buy? What outfit suits a certain occasion? You quickly look for the answer to questions like these on social media. Especially Gen Z is increasingly embracing social media as their trusted search partner. The reason? People often rely on the opinions and experiences of others when making decisions. And social media provides this “social confirmation”.

This is precisely why it’s important to have your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on point. Not only on your website, but also on your social media channels. So, think carefully about the keywords and hashtags you use. After all, they make it much easier for users to find specific information and increase your company’s visibility.

Trend 2: The role of AI in social media

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the hottest topic in almost every digital conversation. And for good reason! After all, it opens countless doors, especially in the area of content creation.

In the first place, AI can be used to create content. From providing inspiration for descriptions to creating certain visuals. Second, it takes personalization of user experiences to the next level. Through its advanced algorithm, AI can analyze users’ interests and preferences. This allows you, as a brand, to present more relevant content based on specific needs on social media.

By 2024, AI will not just be seen as a tool for improvement, but as part of social media strategies. By leveraging AI-driven tools and technologies, companies can increase efficiency, be more responsive to user needs and provide a more personalized experience on social media platforms. This will lead to more profound user engagement. Ultimately, the companies that embrace these innovations will see marked growth and success.

Believe it or not, AI will be your best friend in 2024. 😉

Trend 3: The power of UGC and authenticity

Authenticity is the key to success in 2024, and User-Generated Content (UGC) is its sidekick. In fact, research shows that authenticity is the deciding factor for users when choosing their favorite brands.

Some reasons why you definitely should integrate UGC into your strategy next year:

  • It delivers authentic visuals that generate more engagement.
  • It builds trust with consumers.
  • It creates a tight-knit community around your brand.
  • It increases appreciation of your product.

So, it’s important for you as a company to reach out more to your own loyal customers in the future to build a close relationship. After all, who better to promote your brand than your very own fans? A nice example of how to deal with UGC on social media is KBC Brussels‘ Instagram page, or Apple’s #ShotOniPhone campaign on Instagram.

Trend 4: Social commerce continues to grow

What is social commerce? Simply said: shopping through social media channels. More and more platforms allow users to easily purchase products without visiting a separate website. As a result, a customer’s entire shopping experience takes place on social media: from scrolling and discovery to purchases. 📱

Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok are currently the apps that have native social commerce features. As they find more ways to develop this, users become more familiar with it as well. And eventually, your brand won’t be able to stay behind. Social commerce is expected to account for 16.7% of total e-commerce revenue by 2025.

Not convinced yet of the importance of social commerce? We’ve listed some benefits for you:

  • You reach a much larger audience.
  • There’s increased engagement.
  • You build a closer relationship with your customers.
  • Conversion rates improve.
  • You sell more through a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

No idea how to apply these social media trends and developments yourself? Together, we’ll see how to bang out a killer social media strategy for your business. 🤝