A few weeks ago, we welcomed our new social media intern, Wim, to the team. Wim has a bachelor’s degree in History and is currently studying for a master’s degree in Corporate Communication at the University of Leuven. During his social media internship, he executes a variety of tasks. Such as preparing social media posts, writing blog posts, making presentations, …

By now, he feels completely at home at So Buzzy. He is best friends with Lola, goes to lunch with Christopher when the women are out of office and heavily discusses with Michèle and Jana about Game of Thrones. We already got to know him well, but you haven’t. We created a few questions so he can introduce himself to you.

  • Why did you choose So Buzzy for your internship?

I’m very interested in social media and external communication, so these were important factors while looking for an internship. While looking through the internship database of corporate communication, I immediately noticed So Buzzy. I had already mailed Kel when Michèle gave a guest lecture at our university. This was incredibly interesting so I immediately knew I wanted to follow a social media internship here.

  • What was your most fun assignment until now?

I prefer writing blog posts. I actually like this far more than I expected at first. What I like most about it is that I’m usually free to write about whatever I want, as long as it’s relevant to social media.

  • Is there anything you would still like to learn the next few weeks? 

I hope to become a bit more creative. For example when thinking of new campaign ideas, I want to contribute more. This is definitely not as easy as it sometimes seems.

  • What is your favorite social media channel? 

I prefer twitter, however, I notice that I’m using this less and I’m starting to check Instagram more and more.

  • How often do you check your social media? 

A lot. Probably every hour.

  • Which brand or company would you recommend to follow? 

I’m a big fan of companies that interact in a very funny way with their customers. Bol.com does this exceptionally well, which often leads to hilarious posts. Another company that can be really funny and sometimes even “savage” is Wendy’s. Their Twitter page is very popular.

  • What is your favorite emoji? 

I know it’s unoriginal, but I often use the emoji that is crying of laughter.

  • What TV-shows would you recommend? 

Game of Thrones, Suits, Rick and Morty, That 70’s Show, Friends, Red Oaks, and many more. I watch a lot of TV-series but if I would have to pick one, it would have to be Game of Thrones.

  • If you were a song, you would be “Don’t worry, be happy” by Bobby McFerrin. But what animal would you be? 

An eagle. Being able to fly seems amazing to me and also, they are really cool.

  • If you had to provide lunch for the So Buzzy team, what would it be? 

If I didn’t have to take in account what they like, I would get sushi. But by now I have already learned that Michèle and Jana aren’t a fan of Sushi.

  • Do you have any secret talents that we don’t know about? 

I don’t really do this anymore due to focusing on my education, but until recently I was a live streamer on Twitch. This is similar to YouTube, but it is live and focuses mainly on videogames. I was able to gather a small community of 7000 followers and people used to tell me they were quite amazed at how fluently I did this. You have to talk a lot, it’s sort of like being a radio presenter.

  •  Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Hopefully by then I’m no longer following a social media internship, but instead I hope to have a fun job in the same industry, possibly abroad and perhaps married. Winning the lottery would also be nice.

We are really happy to have Wim in our team. Are you curious about his work during his social media internship? Then you should definitely read his blog posts about following Instagram hashtags or about the social media app Vero